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September 2006 topic: FAITH AND ME

What does it mean to be a gay Muslim, Christian, Buddhist or Hindu?

How much is religion a part of your life?

If you don't have a religion, are you any less spiritual?

This Women's Nite, join us for a potluck dinner as we talk about what religion means to you and your gay identity.

Why "Faith and Me"?

The idea for this month's topic came from discussions with some people who felt increasingly distant from their religion as they became surer about themselves as gay men or lesbians.

Some feel that, given the prevalence of homophobia within certain institutions of organised religion, it is not possible to be both religious and happily gay. Others struggle alone to resolve those issues while remaining within the religion. Some choose to be free-thinkers.

Unwittingly, it lends credit to the idea that gay people are less spiritual than the average person.
But is it really so?
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