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JULY 2015: Coming out at work: Should I?

Being out as gay or bisexual in your workplace can be a daunting challenge.

While there's no obligation to come out at work, it can relieve the daily stress of avoiding personal conversations and hiding who you are.

What factors should you think about when considering whether to come out at work?

Join us this Women's Nite as we share our personal experiences about how to assess your workplace atmosphere and practical steps to take.

Saturday 25th July 2015, 6.30pm
Venue (in Singapore) will be disclosed upon registration.

Please register with your full name, contact number, the full name/s of your guests, if any, and the type of halal food or drink you would be contributing to the potluck. Although Women's Nite is open to women of all orientations, please let us know if you are straight, or are bringing along straight guests, so that we can be sensitive to the needs of all women present.

Please send your details to women.snite@gmail.com
Registration closes 6pm, 24th July 2015
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