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January 2015 REFLECTIONS: Coming out

From Amal:

From the moment I walked in, I was greeted with warm welcome from both organizers and participants. The atmosphere was very relaxed despite the sensitive and fearful topic of "coming out". The turn out was good and after the introduction was done by the organizer, we started the discussion. It was a guided discussion with participation from almost everyone. Ideas were thrown out without the fear of being judged or scrutinized. Thoughts shared gave me a different perspective on the topic. It gave me hope that coming out in Singapore society may not be entirely impossible. Some even went on to share their personal experiences which proved to be a motivation and inspiration for others around. Not forgetting, the jokes shared by some our participants made the discussion light yet meaningful.

Women's Nite to me, provided a safe platform where we can be ourselves regardless of who we are and what is our sexual orientation. Make new friends and take a break from our hectic schedule. It is a space where you could simply be yourself!


From SK:

It was a great night to meet up with a very diverse group of ladies. The topic itself brought up a lot of deep thinking, hearing experiences, concerns and opinions from others helped me to understand myself and gay community better. Thank you organizers and participants for a very welcoming and safe environment to share things that we don't usually talk about!
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