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July 2014 REFLECTIONS: A closet is no living space!

Reading up on Women's Nite: Check.
Send my contact info to Women's Nite to join in the next session: Check.
Receive reply from Women's Nite co-ordinator(s) on details of next session: Check.

THE Saturday finally arrived. There I was, standing at the foot of the long flight of stairs leading up to where the "meeting room" was, slightly apprehensive over what to expect. Truth is, I had waited a rather looooong time before putting my name down to attend a session. At that moment though, I wasn't feeling quite as raring to go as I anticipated I would be.

The topic of the night : Coming Out.

"How would I be able to talk about anything personal with a bunch of strangers, more so something so private that even I myself find hard to share with some of my closest friends?", I pondered.

Once I made it up those stairs and through the door, however, my apprehension subsided. The organizers and women attending the session made it rather easy to mingle before the group sharing began. The fact that it's left entirely up to each individual to speak or share as she sees fit, without any pressure or "singling out" anyone, made for a laid back atmosphere. (Plus the varied choice of "muzak" ;) excludes any classic rock track from Queen though, unfortunately!)

As the session pulled to a close, I found myself feeling rather at ease with how the evening turned out and thoroughly glad I finally attended my first session. It definitely won't be my last ;) Thank you all for providing such a beneficial platform for women like us, and running the session so beautifully -- whether qualified professionals or not!

See you next time

:) Gen
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