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August 2014 REFLECTIONS: A roof over my head

From A:

This was my first time to Women's Nite. I'm not always comfortable at these types of social meets and was initially very nervous about going, but I'm glad I did. The people were friendly, and the atmosphere was casual and welcoming throughout. Although the bulk of the conversation followed a structure, it mainly served to keep us on topic and was not overly formal. The organisers also moderated the discussion in a way that felt encouraging without being pushy; they ensured that all attendees had the opportunity to participate and share their thoughts, but, at least from my perspective, there was no pressure on anyone to do so. It can be quite difficult to create that balance and I found myself very happy that I attended. Looking forward to the next one!


From DT:

It was my first session and the hosts were friendly and welcoming. Most important of all was the reassurance of confidentiality and the respect of privacy of all the participants. The topic chosen for the evening was relevant, mature and the discussions had certainly given me some insights into the oftentimes peculiar needs of those who are not truly on the mainstream of society. Thank you for a wonderful evening!
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