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March 2014 REFLECTIONS: Making love last

From Shu:

Women's Nite 'Making Love Last' was an informative and pleasant first session for me. I walked through the door to the welcoming and attentive greetings of the hosts and a table full of food. I saw friends call out to each other, catch up and mingle in the warm and familiar atmosphere -- always a delightful and comforting sight for someone new like me. If you are planning to attend your first session and are wondering what to expect, Women's Nite wisely lets you fill your tummy and enjoy casual conversations with their friendly regulars before getting down to the theme of the night and more serious talking.

With a happy belly and much relaxed sinews, I sat down to listen to the panel of three couples from different backgrounds and stages of their relationships. What makes love last? There were no definite answers but there were very sound advice. In all of them, I gathered communication and understanding were key. And very so demonstrated by the facilitator who presented excellent pertinent questions. Not to be left out is the audience whose contributions are significant to an engaging and meaningful session. With clear related questions, reflections and bouts of laughter, the other members showed their interest, earnestness and humour. It was a charming gathering with very warm people. I was very glad to be part of it and will be again.
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