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February 2014 REFLECTIONS: Dating 101

From: Kay

Went to my very first Women's Nite event on 22 Feb 14.
Came away from that event feeling very happy that I had the opportunity to meet women and make new friends and contacts. Truly appreciate the fact that it is a safe space and contains all the warmth of a diverse group of women getting to know one another. The facilitators are amazing people,kind and very understanding of our quirks especially because it was a pretty big group. Thank you to the 3 of you putting all of us at ease and encouraging not only interaction but healthy discussions. Looking forward to the next one :)


From Has:

I really enjoy Women's Nite. I attended my first event 2 years ago. It's really a good gathering. I like the location too cause its always very safe, non-threatening and private. It's also nice to discuss and hear about others' opinions on lesbian subject matters.

The only thing that I hope we could have more, is longer mingling time before the discussion starts. It was really nice getting to know new people. I would have loved to chat with more of the women there. Thanks for the lovely session.
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