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October 2013 REFLECTIONS: Let's talk about sex

From Wan Ling:

My advice to other women who are still thinking if they should join one of these evenings - don't hesitate. We were laughing so much during the 2 hours of discussion I thought the session was a bit too short. It was great to see some old and new faces, and I could see that everyone enjoyed themselves very much that evening. Even my straight friend who tagged along said she had a great time and that the session had given her a "new perspective".


From Wynn:

The discussion was engaging and comfortable, even though it could potentially be a sensitive topic; there wasn't any sense of uneasiness even though it was the first time many of us met each other. It is definitely an non-judgemental platform to meet new people and hear opinions from different perspectives. Thank you for all your efforts in organising the monthly meet ups.


From S.:

Thank you very much for organising Women's Nite! :) Really encouraged to know that such a warm and welcoming group of ladies gather together every month. My girlfriend and I enjoyed ourselves a lot getting to know more like-minded individuals and to discuss such an important yet rarely talked-about subject. :) Please keep it up and happy 10 years in advance :)
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