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September 2013 REFLECTIONS: Fast friends

From Jess:

This was my first time attending the event, and I must admit I was hesitantly excited. Hesitant, because as a shy person I was never too great with meeting new people, but excited, as I'd always wanted to be more involved in the community and make more LGBT friends. There really wasn't much to worry about though - everyone was incredibly warm and friendly, and since facilitators were also engaged in the activities, the atmosphere was more relaxed and inclusive. Many thanks to the organizers and facilitators who helped everything run smoothly as well, and ensured that everyone got a chance to talk to each other. I'm glad I decided to attend, it really turned out to be fun and I enjoyed myself. With this session being a break from the usual format, I'm also looking forward to attending one of the group discussions in future. Thanks again! J


From L. L.:

It was my second time there. The slightly "pushy" yet ever-awesome organisers set up a speed friending event that was breathlessly quick, yet fun and easy to get to know all the ladies there one by one. The group was a mix of veterans and newcomers but no one was left out, everyone was made to feel welcomed. It felt comfortable to chat freely with the people there without having to impose an intentional self-censoring. Being a newbie, I have also learnt much from the seniors who shared some snippets of their ladies-loving-fellow-ladies lives. Really appreciate the safe environment there.

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