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by Celine

I think Women's Nite is a great thing for lesbians like myself, who have been looking for a healthier environment to be we who are. Before stumbling upon Women's Nite, and RedQueen, all I knew was the clubbing scene. A young and naive me thought that was where the "whole" community was. I indulged in the night scenes and realised that it wasn't what I was looking for. I was wondering if there was any group, organisation or society around which did not require me to smoke or drink to "blend in" among the dykes there.

The atmosphere during the Women's Nite discussion was really comforting because everyone was there to support one another and only positive words were used. Many friendships were forged along the way as we shared personal experiences and opinions. The session helped to reaffirm my self-image and sexuality. It showed me that being gay is a lot more than sex and booze. I would recommend everyone to join Women's Nite. You'll learn more about yourself, and if not, understand the gay people around you a lot better.

Note from the Women's Nite Team:
Women's Nite and RedQueen, the mailing list for queer women in Singapore, are separate set-ups and run independently of each other.
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