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January 2013 REFLECTIONS: Dating 101 - Beyond Hair & Make-Up

By Liselotte:

I really enjoyed the get together - I was relieved to see so many women, so am now feeling less alone. It is a bit difficult as a bi, as generally both sides (hetero & lesbian) aren't necessarily comfortable with, or accepting of, someone "in the middle." However, I felt very much accepted and welcomed by the group both during and after the meeting. That was unexpected and extremely much appreciated.

Overall, the meeting is a great chance to hang out with like-minded women and talk about issues, thoughts and situations that we really can't discuss anywhere else. This is essential, because I think sometimes part of what has made me depressed, angry, or just plain "antisocial" over the last several years is having to keep a large part of myself and my life bottled up & secret. Being able to just sit in a room with similar women, not even having to say anything but just to know that I have the freedom to say what I think or what I've experienced ... or hearing someone else voice a thought or feeling I've had ... is a very freeing and cathartic experience. So this was fantastic and I am looking forward to next month's meeting

By B V.G.:

I went there with an observer's mindset, wondering if it's a cross between the (boring) Pride seminar and a (typical) networking session. But Women's Nite turned out to be quite a Breath of Fresh Air, especially for someone who only knew how to make friends with gay women from clubs and occasionally from social networking sites. The event offers me a setting in which I could actually have a decent and proper conversation with strangers without all that conditioned "clubbing mindset" which often bellies an agenda or unwarranted paranoia during interactions, both of which are pleasantly absent whether we're mingling or having discussions.

During discussions, everyone's opinion matters, regardless of where you're from, how you look/dress, how you present yourself; everyone has a voice, and it's heard with respect and non-judgement. That, is really heartening to know. Consensus is not the order of the day; constructive dialogue is created with opposing views. Yet none is dismissed. So yeah, it's a democracy at Women's Nite lol.

There was much spontaneous fun and laughter, largely thanks to the hosts, Joey & Elise, who did a brilliant job in engaging the attendees. Will definitely be back for more. *thumbs up*
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