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October 2012 REFLECTIONS: Out @ Work

By Cathy:

I'm glad I decided to join the group in October. It allowed me to understand a bit better how difficult it night be to be gay in Singapore. Very insightful. It was also a great opportunity for me to meet a great bunch of people. We had some fun and some very good conversations. I am definitely looking forward to the next one.


By Fran:

I have been hesitating to attend Women’s Nite for a while, each time I hesitated whenever I received the email from the group every month. Finally, a friend asked me if I was interested to go for the event since we both were too shy to attend on our own (lol). Folks there were all very friendly and I think most of us, if not all, were all feeling quite at home, gathered together on the parquet floor, very informal, relaxed and yet some serious sharing at the same time.

I’m surprised to hear people sharing about how they feel about the whole thing of coming out at work and also coming out to self & family... after all, sharing emotions is very personal and private, not an easy task, let alone sharing in a very public setting. There was one particular sharing I heard post-session when we adjourned to a nearby café for some drinks, one sharing on her own struggle on her own coming out, it was very courageous of her, I can almost feel/imagine her inner frustrations evolving during her younger days. I guess after one has finally come to terms with herself, self-acceptance and all else falls in place as well.

It’s definitely an inspiring and interesting session, besides all the food, fun, mingling with folks. Looking forward to the next meet and forming new friendships..

A great pleasure and kudos to all at the Women’s Nite.


By Janice:

I found the session engaging and informative, and the atmosphere was friendly and informal.


By Nicole:

It was truly an inspiring evening for us all. A big thank you to all the brave women who came together to share their experiences authentically and respectfully. Attending the session helped me gained more confidence to come out. I especially liked the enthusiasm and support everyone donated on this topic since we could all face potential difficulties. Positive support is very important while coming out. So thanks again! I also remember how welcome I felt when I attended for the first time. Everyone was very friendly.

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