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August 2012 REFLECTIONS: Taboo night

By Pook

I didn't know what to expect when I signed up for Women’s Nite. My friend joked that it might be similar to the Alcoholics Anonymous meeting we see in mainstream movies. Women’s Nite turned out to be really empowering. I was one of the youngest participants and for the first time in my life I got to meet lesbians from all walk of life. Sure, I’ve seen gay people on TV and plenty at the club, but Women’s Nite is different. Participants engage in respectful and open discussions. I learnt a whole lot just by listening to the discussion. Women’s Nite gave me the courage and the affirmation to be me. Many thanks to the wonderful facilitators whose hospitality and sense of humour made everyone feel at home!


by Illya

Firstly, all of you who are behind Womens Nite are admirable. I am truly impressed of the time and effort you have committed to keep the session lively and focusing on the need to those who require an explanation or answer to their doubts. It's a great and enjoyable experience. Look forward to be in the next coming gathering, as long I am in Singapore.


by Anonymous

First of, thanks for organising the event. For it to be running since so long ago says something about the use/relevance of it to people. I suppose the existence of such a space itself already counts.

To be honest, I don't think the event is that safe a space, especially for people who have just come out/unsure/haven't had much 'experience,' as compared to say, people who are older/more comfortable with themselves and go to make friends/meet new people etc. Because for the former, you're always going to get the so-called 'evergreen' questions, which happens in the initial stages of one's lesbian/bisexual/sexually-fluid identity. So perhaps the more 'experienced' people don't like these questions because they've been there, done that etc, but, if these questions don't get answered here, where else can they be answered? I guess what I'm trying to say is that I feel a certain pressure to conform to expectations of being 1) out 2) experienced in dating girls 3) speak about these experiences, or I might be judged/picked on otherwise. And if I feel that way (well I'm mostly out), I cannot imagine how it might feel for those who are questioning.


See you at our next event on 29th September!
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