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By Louise:

Thank you for helping to allow me to feel welcome at Women's Nite. It was a worthwhile experience in that I entered a forum whereby women have a voice, they can speak up, speak out, receive a listening ear and are valued and respected. That is so very important. I was reminded of my own values. I firmly believe in the precious fragility of relationships-to be handled with care, loving communication and with respect.


By S:

It was a special night, special because it was a gathering of very wonderful persons, who shared openly and honestly... I was impressed that the discussions were frank, without any shying away from tough areas. There was lots of sharing, from the real practical stuff to also the philisophical and soul... wow!


By Joyce Vyvyann Lim:

Curiosity landed on Mars, a quest for life form. Curiosity brought me to Women’s Nite, a quest for the alternative life style. Apt.
I have lived my life like an alien, a misfit to society all my life. Women’s Nite gives me a sense of belonging. A safe sanctuary for beings like myself.
My expectation of an event of sobriety was met with a fake vagina. She was not only a great performer of sex education but also our guest of honor for comedy. Laughter set the stage of an eventful, fun sex education.
I have learnt that my vagina is both emotionally and physically sensitive. She needs protection. Dental dam, a sheer, sure sheet of salvation. Being erotic, she has sensuous zones, the G-spot, the U-spot and A-spot. A good geographer will be able to locate them.
Life on Mars may not exist but the Isle of Lesbos did exist. A place where Sappho could express her love freely in lyric poems for her female love. Women’s Nite is like a modern Isle of Lesbos and I am glad I have found it.


By C Chen

The topic for the night was sex. The email I received said to come prepared with a couple of questions I've always wanted to ask about sex, as it was a Q&A session. It was my first time at Women's Nite, and I thought we would all have to take turns asking questions. And I didn't have any to ask! Mainly because I have lived overseas for so long and things are just so much more open. After brainstorming with my partner, I said I'd ask if Singaporean lesbians are into clit studs much. She gasped "You can't ask that!"

The organisers of Women's Nite handled the session tactfully and with plenty of humour. The participants were friendly and supportive of each other. The questions were asked anonymously in the form of slips of paper, and answered thoughtfully. The demonstrations were done tastefully. There was more food than table space. We all headed off for drinks afterwards, taking up several tables at a restaurant, and sharing our stories. It was a good Saturday night out. And I will be back for the next session, because I didn't ask my question. But this time, I might.

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