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APRIL 2012 REFLECTIONS: In or out?

By Gabby:

It felt nice, safe and comfortable. So thumbs up for that. The topic touched on Coming Out, which has always been lurking in the back of my mind, even as I try to figure out where I stand and who I am. And I felt the discussion covered the topic with sufficient depth and breadth, and I cannot be more grateful for that. Although I was the second youngest, nobody made me feel small or intimidated, and my opinion still mattered, so that's another thumbs up. Food could have been better... hahaha, although I admit bringing curry puffs wasn't the brightest idea on my part, lol. The venue could have been more central, but I liked how the room felt. Very cosy, and tucked away from the world.


By Suzana:

Being a somewhat introvert person, particularly when it comes to talking about sexuality, I find that coming to the Women's Nite is a huge jump. I kept telling myself, "am I really doing this.. meeting strangers and such. What if I don't get along? What if I find it too overwhelming that I will just grab my bag and head out in middle of the discussion? what if this.. what if that...". It is insane. However, the facilitators are cool and they are a group of very dedicated ladies. They welcome me with open arms and they make us feel right at home. Somehow I find myself sitting comfortably and joining in with the discussion, which surprised me as well, since before this I kept having this image of me sitting at one corner hiding myself. LOL. But I'm truly glad that I came. I had fun. Will definitely drop by again in the future if I have the time. So if you need someone to talk to, or a place where you can be yourself without anyone judging you. Women's Nite is definitely that one place you would want to check out. To the ladies behind the scene.. thumbs up. You guys are pretty awesome. Thank you for doing this. =) 

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