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Women's Nite

MARCH 2012 REFLECTIONS: My family, my life

By Polly:

Thank you to the group for organising Women's Nite. I had a good time eating and sharing during the session. Given the fact that I am a super introvert, I was surprised I felt at home during the session. I got to hear many points of views and this is also when I start to understand my partner's point of view. For the same issue, there are many ways to look at it and deal with it. I made friends during the session and feel connected. Thanks again for the great event!


By Junior:

I had fun at Women's Nite. Felt very at ease as we were able to express our thoughts and views at an accepting environment. We can discuss openly issues and problems we encounter in our daily lives. Thank you for organising such a great event, will keep coming whenever time permits.
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