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OCTOBER 2011 REFLECTIONS: So You Want To Be Your Own Boss

by Volks Wagen

If you've watched X-Men Movie, there is this scene whereby Rogue first stepped into Professor Xavier's “Mutant Academy”, and instantly she realized that she is not alone. This was how I felt after my first event. Participants are from very diverse cultures and backgrounds, however, the comfortable setting makes people connect easily.

The hosts obviously went to great lengths to make this event a possibility, kudos to them! And the two panelists generously shared their entrepreneurial insights.

To those who are thinkin... Come out and join the fun!


by Rachel

Last weekend's (Oct 2011) session was good. I thought the entrepreneurs talk was really good though I think it went on a bit. Perhaps people could have asked the speakers some of their individual questions after on their own. I think there could be some more small group sharing, but other than that I have only good things to say about it! It was very friendly and welcoming. I shall definitely come again.

Thanks again to the team for organising it and look forward to seeing you again soon!

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