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Women's Nite


by Manju

I attended Women's Nite for the first time last Saturday. I've heard only positive things about the regular meet-ups from friends and my partner who attended previous Women's Nite gatherings. So when I got the Invite , and coincidently my schedule for Saturday opened up, I accepted the invite.

In all honesty, I was quite hesitant as I had my doubts about the structure of the session and the degree to which I would be uncomfortable. That common concern that was dispelled the moment I walked in. Joey, the facilitator for the day, made me feel welcomed and I was introduced to a bunch of wonderful people in no time.

The topics were thought-provoking. It got me exploring my values about sex and love. And frankly, I didn't know that the 'morning after' discussion was a concern. I heard interesting accounts from the participants - which made me see things in different perspectives. The contributions were valuable; not to mention hilarious at times. I believe Joey truly did an amazing job at facilitating the discussion, providing a relaxed environment for people to express their opinions.

I am considering attending future Women's Nites, if my schedule allows. I would also like to explore, as well as hear the views of others, on the topic of the cultural aspect about being in a relationship. Besides religion, we have age, ethnicity, socio-economic levels. And I am unsure if this is a sensitive topic but I would like to hear and share viewpoints on homophobia - to whoever it is at. Personally I've experienced a lot of homophobia within the Indian community, although not as 'in your face' as that in the USA as recent reports have suggested. I think this forces a lot of members of the ethnic minority groups to stay in the closet. It'll be nice to hear people's experience and perspectives on these issues.

Thank you for a grand time at Women's Nite and I have made some wonderful friends. My partner, Priyanka, and I are glad to have been part of this event and would be looking forward to the next one!
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