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AUGUST 2011 REFLECTIONS: In It For The Long Haul

by Tam

To be frank, I was very nervous, even 2 days before that Saturday. Because of the nature of my work, most of the time I just talk about LGBT community issues, human rights, political and social stuff in some kind of public events and representing some kind of people or organisations. I have never talked about myself or addressed topics regarding my personal interests. Neither was I looked upon by others as a person with personal stories and questions. It felt like taking off the suit and leather shoes to sit down and chitchat over cocktails in comfortable tees and Bermudas that night.

I found an affirmative and friendly environment within the group in such a cosy and warmly lit room. The discussion was interesting and enriched by a diversity of perspectives. It was fun, too. Great fun.

The event was also an opportunity for me to make new friends which absolutely makes my life in Singapore less work-infested.
Whether you want to discuss serious issues related to sexuality and gender, or you just want to come mingle with folks and have a cool drink in a Saturday night, Women’s Nite fits just perfectly.


by Susan Lim

I got to know about this event through Sharon Saw who scouts the internet for anything to do with lesbians. :)

What stood out for me was the openness, respect towards each other's opinions, insights, and I felt a genuine interest in learning to be a better person. What I was impressed with was the level of commitment from the organisers whom I found out have been making this platform available since 2003!

Sharon and I are planning to attend the next meet and am looking forward to making new friendships.
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