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JULY 2011 REFLECTIONS: I Feel The Need... The Need For Speed!

by Chartreux

Frankly speaking, I thought I was in for a rude shock that evening. It had got nothing to do with the organisers; I had only myself to blame. I had assumed the event on that evening would be similar to the previous one. (Yes, I didn't read. Simply looked at the date and registered at the last minute!) It was only after Joey's briefing that I realised what I was in for - Speedfriending! Despite her assurance that I had nothing to worry about, how I wished I could just vanish or at least run out but that would be impolite of me.

So I was left with no choice but to pluck up all the courage and face the music. Thanks to all the wonderful, friendly, warm and amazing ladies, in no time, the event came to an end. I survived! A new, yet enriching experience for me (except when Joey 'forced' me to eat. Kidding!). As expected, the well-planned event went smoothly and objectives were met. Big round of applause to the organisers. On the whole, I am grateful that I chanced upon Women's Nite - the one and only platform for me to learn, explore and discover related issues besides gaining support and acceptance. My heartfelt gratitude to the organisers and all the ladies.


by Li Sian

The July session turned out to be a special event because a) instead of it being a discussion, there was a speedfriending event and b) it was held at an organisation's headquarters instead of someone's apartment. So maybe my experience wasn't quite representative of what Women's Nite is all about - but there was a potluck, and as we all know that's the most important part. (Joking lah!)

Even before the speedfriending event started proper, I managed to talk to some people. They were all really nice and it wasn't as awkward as I was afraid it might be. Generally the tone was quite light-hearted and friendly. Speed-friending was also great, because even if a person felt awkward, you moved on in three minutes anyway. However, the number of actually meaningful conversations I had during speedfriending was surprising, given the time constraints.

Overall, it was great to be there. Most of the women were older than me ("oh my god, you're only nineteen" was a constant refrain throughout the night); nevertheless, I felt very welcome. Another minor quibble I have though was the assumption that everyone attending Women's Nite was gay (I identify as queer/bisexual); something I corrected when the issue came up, however a lot of the time it didn't.

I really liked being at Women's Nite. It made me feel closer to the queer community and I made a couple of friends (that's the actual most important part), and in general met a whole bunch of people I'd really like to see again. A++, will definitely attend again.
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