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by Andrea

I attended the event and got to reconnect with an old friend. I got to know existing friends better and also made new ones. My personal takeway from the event was that I had learned that I could put more thought into what being gay means to me!

by Ayesha

I really enjoyed myself. The evening was organised very well, directions were clear, it was nice to be met by Joey and receive such a warm welcome when I stepped in side.

The ice breaker games were appropriate and effective, the questions we discussed were interesting. The sessions were very well facilitated - I've facilitated similar groups in the past and I appreciate it is hard work! I like the way the group balanced honesty and serious stuff with jokes and laughter. It was a very humane way of treating one another. I'm impressed with the way in which you gave lots of people choice about how to express themselves - people could choose to say as little or as much as they liked.

I've been struck by some of what was said, particularly in the smaller groups by some of the younger women. They certainly face a lot of pressures about coming out to family & work mates, worries about the possibility of good relationships in the future. It is very important work you are doing running this group. I guess I don't need to tell you that. I suspect some of these women wouldn't have wanted to address the whole group if asked directly but I liked your technique of getting people to position themselves relative to one another at the beginning of the exercise was good. By the way, I'm informing you I'm stealing this technique for my own teaching. Seriously though I thought that type of exercise could have been a great way of canvasing a first of the discussion questions too. While it is great that people express their own view, seeing what other peoples are in a really visible way, kind of forces you to consider the experience of the other person a bit more (that is a comment on the group dynamics, not the faciliation which as I've said was excellent).

The chance to meet women and go out for a drink afterwards was really most valuable to me. Until now Singapore had been all about work which had been pretty stressful for me. I know this will sound really silly but it was lovely to go out and be treated like a person, not as a worker for once. I was really happy to find there were such cool women here. And I liked the venue too.
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