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MAY 2011 REFLECTIONS: Those Who Can Make A Difference

by Andrea

My evening at the gathering was really fun. I would definitely recommend it to anyone figuring out their sexuality. I like how the event was hosted and how the facilitator would delve deeper into what the person is trying to say. I feel that perhaps we could focus a little on lesbian relationships and how some people overcome the problems within the relationship. Also, maybe about current events and how things can look better for our community. Thank you Women's Nite for having this platform for us to just talk.


by Cheryl

Living across the causeway in KL, I've always wanted to attend Women's Nite on my occasional visits to Singapore but until last weekend, my trips never coincided with the last Saturday of the month. I thoroughly enjoyed myself listening to the many articulate and thoughtful perspectives during the discussion on lesbians who have made a difference in our lives. The discussion on if and how we would acknowledge another woman on the street if we thought that she was gay brought up issues / complications which I have not considered before. I would definitely attend Women's Nite again if the opportunity arises, it's a fantastic way to spend a Saturday evening!


See you at our next event on 25th June!
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