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MARCH 2011 REFLECTIONS: "Free for a Coffee?"

by Kate

My partner came to live and work in Singapore 3 years ago. Aside from workmates, she didn't have friends here, much less a support group she could depend on. Then she signed up and attended Women's Nite where she met some of the most wonderful people on earth, who we now consider very good friends.

I moved to Singapore recently to be with her, and was eager to attend the March 2011 event. I saw for myself how Women's Nite helps to nurture a diverse community of lesbians, queer, curious, and gay-friendly women. By providing a non-judgmental, respectful environment, the monthly session draws even the most "closetted" girls, and we could tackle together relevant issues or common situations we face.

I especially like that the sessions are structured around questions that keep discussions on track, but loose enough to allow in humor and laughter to make the meetings truly enjoyable.

I reckon we have much to be thankful to the WN team for, and I wish you would keep up the awesome work that you do for our community!


by Annie Oakley

I have been in Singapore for a little over a year and I am glad I finally attended my first Women's Nite! It's one of the best ideas to gather a group of gay women together to share thoughts, ideas, and most importantly to listen to each other - I had a wonderful night filled with inspiration, laughter, warmth and enlightenment - and will definitely be back. Thank you for giving us such a safe haven where we can totally be ourselves and speak up without any fear!


by S

The Women's Nite gathering was a unique event for me. My previous interaction with the queer community was limited to meeting people in nightclubs or at parties - not a great way to strike up a friendship or to hold a conversation with someone, for that matter. I appreciated the quiet space that was created - it enabled me to have conversations with other participants.

The session itself was well-conducted, with the discussion being moderated effectively. The topic (dating women) was well chosen, with meaningful reflections being shared.

The best part of the evening for me was the informal gathering after the event-this was a great opportunity for me to make new friends.


by Emily

First of all, a BIG thank your for organising this event! It was my second time attending and even better than the first! To the regulars, thank you for making the newbies feel so welcome. I'm really glad to have found a forum where issues that are often universal to everyone can be freely and comfortably discussed in the lesbian context. It was also lots of fun at drinks after and I'll definitely be coming again."


by Yanny

I have to say, I left my first Women's Nite event thoroughly surprised by how much fun I had! The discussion on lesbian dating was very fruitful. Questions that the WN team posed were realistic and thoughtful, and the responses offered brought about many laughs and 'Oh, that's a good point!'. The discussion was well-structured and facilitated, but light and casual. There was time for mingling and getting to know the other women as well. Even though I went alone, I felt very comfortable and got to make meaningful conversation with those I spoke with.

Women's Nite is doing a great job! I look forward to the next event and encourage all those interested to give it a go!


by Mei Xi

I still remember feeling a little anxious as I made my way to Women's Nite my first time - the main reason being I was going not knowing what to expect. Sure I had read testimonials saying how friendly and accepting everyone was, but it was still my personal journey in the end - what if I was not like all the other people who had gone and enjoyed the night? It was really all too easy to just forget it, chicken out, cancel.

I don't know exactly when these feelings took a back seat and morphed into something else, because the anxiety did disappear - maybe it was when I had to make my way along the crowded road, or maybe it was when I turned the corner to the right house and was greeted with Jean's welcoming smile, or maybe it was even laughing together with strangers while facing a dubious food item that none of us dared to take. But mostly, I thank the people there for making it such a wonderful and easy night - it was so great to be given a space amongst like-minded women where we could talk, laugh, agree and disagree. The questions were all so relatable and the discussion was all honest and heartfelt - it would have been difficult for anyone to remain silent at all. Not to forget the new friends that were made after that amazing 2 hours that flew by - I remember going home that night feeling happy that I hadn't turned back from something unfamiliar and unknown...cos really, what was hiding underneath all the unknown razzmatazz was just a friend with a warm hug. Thank you all! It was fun.
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