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April 2005 topic: THE 'H' WORD

'H' is for 'Hate'. 'H' is for Homophobia'. 'H' is for How do you respond to the following:

"I'm not against gay people, but why do they have to be so obvious?"

"Why do gays place so much emphasis on sex?"

"Hey did you know that she's a lesbian? I can't believe it, she doesn't look like one at all..."

We've heard them before. Some of us may have probably laughed along with the person who said them or sat there quietly hoping no one will notice our discomfort. Some of us perhaps, have gotten angry but not known how to respond. And some of us may have stood up to give them a piece of our mind.

This Women's Night, we invite you to a discussion on homophobia and how to respond to, or even challenge it. Come share with us on what you have encountered and what you have learnt along the way. Balaji has made his views known. Now let us make ourselves heard, in our own little ways.
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