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JANUARY 2011 REFLECTIONS: Reaching out

by July

The two words to describe my first impression of Women's Nite were “warmth” and “non-judgmental”. The ice-breaker was great, it allowed newbies like me to blend in and not to feel like a stranger. What I appreciated about Women’s Nite was that it created a safe space to have open and intellectual discussion about issues in relation to sexual orientation. I am a big believer in bringing awareness to one’s consciousness; once there is awareness then there will be changes.

In a short 2.5 hours spent in Women's Nite, a quote from my favorite feminist/poet/author Audre Lorde (who was also a lesbian) constantly came into my mind: “Without community, there is no liberation.” For me, liberation equals to having full acceptance of my own sexual orientation and to have a social support group to help others to achieve the same acceptance. For others, liberation can be many things, such as fighting for LGBTQ marital rights. We can have different idea of liberation, however I know that if there is no community, we would be silenced. Thus, I see Women's Nite as a step closer to my own liberation.

Every single woman I met in Women's Nite was unique and I am sure they contributed something special to my journey of liberation. As Lorde put it: “Every woman I have ever known has made a lasting impression on my soul”. Thank you to all.


by Shirley

This was my second time attending Women's Nite and I enjoyed myself immensely. We spent a lot of time talking about talking about why we need lesbian friends, are gays friendlier than lesbians and what are the big no-nos when making new friends.

I learnt so much from the ladies that night and there were some really good points being voiced out.
It was an extremely fruitful experience and made me question some of my assumptions.

I had a really great time and really appreciated the facilitators for spending so much time organising Women's Nite. I will definitely attend more sharing sessions in the future!
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