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OCTOBER 2010 REFLECTIONS: Before I get old...

by Christina

I have attended two Women's Nites and I have found it to be a very safe and welcoming environment. Back home I have never came across an organisation quite like this. I really enjoy the fact that these sessions make me question not only my thoughts but how I arrived at an idea. It is a unique experience. In this past Saturday's session I am glad that we didn't merely talk about getting old but we probed what it actually means to be old. I appreciate all the hard work of the volunteers who put these events together and I look forward to attending again in the future!


by Shirley

It was my first time attending Women’s Nite last Saturday. It was a really meaningful experience for me since I was new to the lesbian community in Singapore. The discussion was very insightful, and it got me thinking about my future and what I want in my life and how to achieve them. I have learned about the various issues that that I need to take into consideration when I get older. The friendly and cozy setting enables people to be comfortable and open. I look forward to attending more sessions and making new friends. Thank you!
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