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SEPTEMBER 2010 REFLECTIONS: What Is Your Question?

by Jazz

I guess the adage 'Good Women', 'Good Conversations', 'Good Wine' will sum up my reflection of my first Women's Nite! Oops, except Women's Nite is a alcohol-free gathering so I should replace the 'Good Wine' portion with 'Good Food'. I agree with the other gals that we don't always need alcohol to feel good and have fun!

For 'Good Conversations', there was a Q&A session so we broke into our small groups and tried to discuss questions that were posed by the gals. These questions ranged from questions about how to maintain long-term, healthy lesbian relationships to how to and where do we meet other like-minded women. My answer for the latter is Women's Nite lor!

The atmosphere was non-threatening and cosy enough so we were comfortable discussing some sensitive issues like how do we trust again after trust has been betrayed in a previous relationship. Although I feel there are no right or wrong answers to these questions, we benefited from sharing with each other our experiences and opinions in a non-judgmental way. I feel that most of us got out of the session a wider perspective than we would have if we had no opportunity to discuss these topics with such a diverse group of like-minded women.

Lastly, I would like compliment the facilitator for doing an excellent job and most of all the organising committee for sacrificing a precious Saturday evening to make Women's Nite happen every month.


Women's Nite... an evening with food, drinks and the company of lots of women; this must be heaven! But honestly, it provides an informal yet conducive, cordial and non-judgemental environment where issues concerning all facets of our lives and relationships are discussed openly and candidly.
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