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by Celine

A very well organised and facilitated evening of discussions around a cheeky and sometimes taboo subject matter - S.E.X. Amidst the food and laughter, thoughts and opinions were exchanged freely on concepts such as "when do you consider you've had sex" and "disclosing sexual history and broaching the topic of safe sex with your partner". A most enjoyable event.


by Nur

Not only did I thoroughly enjoy myself because of the great company of ladies, (and a seemingly endless stream of food being passed around) I learned a lot too. Before that night, I have never heard of the latex dam nor had I any inkling of how complicated 'sex-tiquette' is.

At the end of it, we walked away with a hilarious door gift of condoms, lubricant, latex dam and a set of instructions, in a packet with a picture of a woman wearing some kind of strange festive condom hat! The reason why I mentioned the door gift is because I think it epitomises the night very well. It was informative, fun, quirky and noob-friendly!

Women's Nite is as it says it is. A safe space to share your opinions and experiences among like-minded individuals. Okay, maybe it's a stretch to say we were like-minded but then again, that's the fun of it, isn't it? It's definitely worth a Saturday night.

See you at the next one!
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