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JULY 2010 REFLECTIONS: My Teacher, My Friend

by Janay

I guessed it all began on a day that I wanted to know more people like me whom I can speak freely to without fearing of being judged or making them feel uncomfortable. So a good friend of mine took me to a function at PLAY, but I’d gotten nothing other than mindless fun and booze. Partying just wasn’t a way to share, discuss, know more or gain anything intellectually. Oh well, I should have known! I couldn’t help but felt even more miserable about how my life was going.

And so I decided to see if there is any other way of meeting PLU by googling on the Internet. Then I chanced upon WN site about a year ago. What impressed me was the safe and mature setting of the sessions. The interesting topics and the excellent comments gathered from the reflections got me interested but had never plucked up the courage to sign up for any session.

Finally, a topic in which I think I can probably contribute a little more! I was so glad that I convinced myself to attend, alone! It was an exhilarating experience where opinions and life experiences were shared, hilariously yet sincerely. I totally enjoyed myself just watching and listening to the rationale exchanges and humorous jokes among these amazing people. I also learnt about the struggles, difficulties and nasty people encountered by others. Oh yah! And the list of super powers, heroes and heroines! Thanks to our walking encyclopedia of Heroes/Heroines! =) It was really nice to recall my favourite teachers!

The discussion got me thinking about how I could prepare myself in dealing with issues in my field of work, how I could be tactful and remain true to myself without breaking my rice bowl! Haha… Of cause, the good food and endless laughter spiced up the meeting too!

However, the greatest take away was seeing how at ease these women were made me feel warmed and comfortable. I think I’ve just found a really nice support group that I can identify myself with!

I began with a cautious mind, wondering how I would fare for a first-timer who usually do not know how to mingle well with strangers, to letting myself go, raising my hand to speak my mind (something I’ll never do in my staff meetings) and left the place more than satisfied! It was GREAT to know everyone there! And million thanks to the organizers! It was you who made this possible! I’m already looking forward to the future meetings!


by Mercia

A friend of mine mentioned to me about Women's Nite in Singapore. For almost 2 years I have been living and working here but I never thought there existed such an event. I only have a few friends here but I would love to have more.

And so, I requested to see if I could join in, and I was gladly welcomed. I must admit that when I went to the venue I had no expectations. When I arrived, I took the first few minutes to observe and look around. I saw no familiar faces. But it was just fine.

Soon, the discussion started on the subject matter of teachers.

I had to roll back in time to when I was still pencil-pushing. It's been 16 years since my last day in college, 20 years ago for high school, but all my memories are still fresh. My favorite teacher was one of my avid counselors who always wished I would be still be a "complete" woman. She was unsuccessful with her mission but I do value her effort. And to me she is still a hero I will forever cherish.

I am just being me - what you see is what you get. And the only way I know to be happy is to be comfortable doing what I love to do.

I am sure I will come again to WN's next sessions and am looking forward for more acquaintances.

I salute our tribe and YES! We can make a difference.

See you soon guys, keep it up!
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