Women's Nite (women_snite) wrote,
Women's Nite

MAY 2010 REFLECTIONS: Life's much better on your own - or is it?

by Ariel

Came across the Women’s Nite site a few weeks back, and it took another few more weeks to finally decide to register. Procrastination is the thief of time… and the daily glances in the mirror remind me that I ain’t getting younger!

A foreign environment, plentiful smiling strangers and birds squawking in the background brought a naturally nervous smile to my face. The night proceeded with hilarious discussion (yes, the discussion was on housing issues, however we also did deviate to growing chickens from birdseeds). The unimaginable cosmopolitan blend of folks coupled with continuous flow of food and laughter amid the sweltering evening made this a night to remember.

Mee pok is my comfort food, and perhaps now I have found my comfort zone.
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