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APRIL 2010 REFLECTIONS: You and Me Always...and Forever?

by L

This was my inaugural WN and I had a wonderful time. I really appreciated how the discussion was both serious yet light-hearted by virtue of participants being given the opportunity to speak their minds freely. The session was both enjoyable and insightful, thanks to effective moderation by the organisers as well as the level of maturity and mutual respect that everyone brought to the discussion.

I truly cherish these spaces where we can talk from the heart and be 110% who we are without fear of judgment, and all who work tirelessly behind the scenes to make such events possible deserve our sincere thanks.


by Mathia

For several years now, I had been involved in gender and LGBTQ rights advocacy, while all the time identifying myself as ‘Q’ – ‘Questioning’. I had questioned only with a few close friends. They, with all good intentions, tried to help by telling me I should just go experiment, or I should look for guys who could fk me better, or who simply acted like there was nothing extraordinary about how I felt. Last Saturday, a wonderful new friend, whom I will always appreciate, invited me to Women’s Nite. For the first time, I found a space to talk about love and life beyond rights and legalities. I found room to be normal and accepted, yet without denial of all the struggles and uncertainty a woman who loves other woman faces. I found a place where possibility, truth and doubt were met with equal grace. I thank you.
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