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JAN 2010 REFLECTIONS: Where Is Home?

by Cat

I was kind of (read: really really really really really really) nervous since I've never been here before, but it was an interesting discussion and I took away a lot from it.

The small group discussions were more interesting to listen to than the room-wide discussion since it was apparently easier to share longer stories that way. I did a lot of listening and not a whole lot of talking, and it was interesting to hear other people's takes on migration. I was especially surprised by the people who talked about how Singapore was fascinating, since I am unable to see that even though I will concede that others do. Perhaps each of us lives in a different Singapore from the others.

Migration is essentially a very individual choice: It depends on the things you value, and how you weigh them up. No country or society is perfect, naturally, so it's up to each person to decide what imperfections she can live with and what she can't. It's a fool who expects life to be perfect just by leaving (you can never leave yourself behind). That said, if you feel your needs are better met elsewhere, why not go?


by Bernie

My first impression of Women's Nite last Saturday was that it was a comfortable house gathering with an intensely interesting discussion!

I attended because I'm considering working in a western country and wanted to make new friends. The topic was Where is Home? In two words, the Nite was well-organised and fruitful. It was a night to connect with others. The ideas flew thick and fast. Three questions were on the table - Why do lesbians want to migrate? What makes lesbians stay in Singapore? To which country would you most like to migrate?

There were dozens of women from varied backgrounds such as having lived in Singapore, lived/studied in the US, Australia, Thailand, natives of US/UK/Australia. Some offered that migration was not a bed of roses, because countries did not have as many rights as assumed. Another voiced that gay citizens were demoted to second class citizens by the Housing and Development Board. In all, I enjoyed the moderation methods by the organisers. The format of grouping people in loose groups worked well. I look forward to more Women's Nites with such hot topics.
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