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November 2009 topic: COME SEE SHOW!

It's been another good year for Women's Nite, and we'd like to thank you - our supporters - with a special night of international lesbian short films.
So cosy up with us this rainy season as we embrace some of our favourite pastimes - eating, watching movies, and talking about them!


1) Peace Talk
Directed by Jennifer Malmqvist (15min)
Little Joanna and her friend Emilie like to play war together. But they also like to play love. An exquisite portrayal of a childhood crush. In Swedish with English subtitles.

2) Private Life
Directed by Abbe Robinson (16mins)
In this gorgeous 1950s period piece, rising British actress Lucy Lieman stars as a factory supervisor who leads a secret double life.

3) Brooklyn's Bridge to Jordan
Directed by Tina Mabry (20mins)
With her partner Leilani on her deathbed, Brooklyn Green copes with homophobia on all fronts.

4) Family Reunion
Directed by Isold Uggadottir (25mins)
When cool young Icelandic dyke Karin leaves her New York City home to visit her family in Iceland, she's not sure how too come out to them. It just so happens that her family is about to reveal a secret of their own. In Icelandic with English subtitles.
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