Women's Nite (women_snite) wrote,
Women's Nite


by Wendy

This was my first Women's Nite meeting although I had known of such an event many many months back. I had my fair share of fears and anxiety prior to attending this event, but nevertheless, I faced my fears head on and went to this event on my own. What drew me there was the topic of discussion for that evening.

The wet weather became a natural conversation starter and had helped to ease me into getting to know the people who came.

The group discussion we had in our own small groups was open, engaging and thought provoking as each woman shared her perspective on the issue of discussion. For me, being able to articulate my views and hearing other women's views opened up my thoughts and perceptions on the subject.

I also appreciate how the organisers tried to make the discussion as safe as possible for people like me who were there for the first time. The way it was conducted (writing our questions on slips of paper and splitting into small groups to discuss) helps one to feel safe enough to ask important and difficult questions. To the organisers, keep it up!

To anyone who is seeking to expand one's own thoughts and perspectives pertaining to one's sexuality and orientation: Check out Women's Nite.
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