Women's Nite (women_snite) wrote,
Women's Nite


by Charlene

This month’s Women’s Nite felt almost like a synod - with intellectual women coming together to talk about God, religion and spirituality. In this case, it was somewhat ironic that this group was made up of lesbians.

In a country where homosexuality is taboo in most mainstream churches and everywhere else, one would think that religion, in a setting such as this, would be off limits. (After all, to quote a friend, there are two things you shouldn’t talk about—religion and politics.) However, the atmosphere during “conclave” remained lively and engaging, as the ladies were uninhibited in sharing their thoughts and experiences.

For someone like me who has been struggling to reconcile my sexuality with my faith, it was heartening to find women who hold fast to their beliefs and yet find peace with ‘the Man upstairs’. Although I left the place feeling a little disturbed (because I have yet to syncretise religion and homosexuality), the session nonetheless shed light, gave me new perspectives, and made me desire to arrive at the place where God and being gay can co-exist.

I truly look forward to the next Women’s Nite! It really only gets better!
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