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JUNE 2009 REFLECTIONS: Long Distance Relationships

by Shire

I’d been keen to attend Women’s Nite for quite some time now and when I finally was able to, I wasn’t too thrilled when I saw that the topic was about long-distance relationships. I thought to myself how it had no relevance to me at all, and what a "waste" it was going to be, attending a session that had no bearing to me, since I’d never been in one. But it is with great pleasure that I say this : I’ve never been so, so wrong.

While I may not have been able to relate to the topic, the issues that were raised during the discussions certainly struck a chord with me. Sitting on the floor with cushions strewn about, passing bags of potato chips between groups, listening to others share their thoughts and experiences and stories and anecdotes was certainly priceless for me. It was also liberating as well, as only here could many of us speak openly about girlfriends, the trials and tribulations, and the love we have for that very special woman.

It was surreal being able to talk so openly and without apology or the fear of being judged. To be able to talk at all about lesbian relationships was already a miracle of sorts (!!) Listening to the women in that room talking about the lives they share with their girlfriend, the distance they’ve gone to for their love, the time invested building their lives together and how they keep the faith was truly inspiring for me.

I went away that night richer for the many experiences shared and the advice dispensed. I know I repeat myself when I say this, but I was truly, truly inspired; by the strength with which the women showed in handling their relationships (long distance or not) and the dignity in which they led their lives as one, building a life together with their chosen one in a world at odds with ours.
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