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by Danielle

I wanted to attend Women's Nite because I was curious about the lesbian community. It turned out to be a great experience, though initially awkward. I enjoyed the discussion about butches - the topic inspired lively and candid debate, and though we did not come to any concrete answers, I felt that it produced many good questions and interesting perspectives.

I look forward to attending more sessions, and making new friends. To me this is a meaningful event. The informal and friendly setting provides a neutral space for people to be comfortable, open and real. Props to the organisers for their dedication!


by Nana

I gave my two hours on a Saturday evening, for the company of a group of women, choc chips cookies (ahem) and scintillating conversation after each topic. When it was over, I knew that I liked it. Though I was around when Womens' Nite held its event in its first home, then I went missing over a long period, the cosy feeling remained when I returned years later. It feels good hearing views again coming from women who love women, or possibly do. Some came with a tremendous amount of analysis, while some with scientific research and email print-outs! As for me and a couple of other girls, we were just spontaneous and enjoying the lovely evening. Now that I have reached the normal human capacity (or so, I feel) to love members of both sexes, I have a feeling that I might be going for the upcoming last Saturdays of the months! To the organisers, great effort and thank you for having me. See you!


by El

Butches. Though I identify myself as a more masculine lesbian, and my girlfriend is the "neutral" type [she previously dated a femme], we are not affected by these labels. And personally too she prefers me not to dress up as a butch, which I am fine with that. It provides me with camouflage for now, until when I decide to come out to my parents. All I need is just a blessings from them for me to marry my beloved girlfriend.

My girlfriend once said that I too , like her, am a "neutral" type of lesbian. The point that she missed however, is that all my life, I have felt like I am a man, trapped in a woman's body.

The talk from last session was inspiring. However I tend to believe more in scientific findings like this:


UCLA's research also shows brains determine which lesbians turn out butch or femme.
As attractions are merely a product of our body being attracted by the chemicals and particles emitted from the attractor's glands, I believe that no matter what we all are, we all have 2 types of brain - masculine and feminine- and only our container varies - we are born female or male.

I have personal struggles with convincing my mother too that being a lesbian is not a family sin, but simply part of the evolution process. We shouldn't go against the flow of nature or universe, but to live in line with it while at the same time keeping the faith with the Lord.

To wrap up my personal reflection, labels don't matter. As I said previously, our souls and brains are similar - only our container varies. And how we dress and how we decide to label ourselves is more or less tied to our physical appearance, our decisions on how to enhance it, and how we want people out there to view us.

Thank you very much for letting me join the event, I will attend again whenever possible.
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