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FEBRUARY 2009 REFLECTIONS: Knowing Me, Knowing You

by Dian

I decided to attend the February session as I was intrigued by the topic of the night. I really wanted to know how people can bring in their identity to work and still be comfortable. I have had always separated the two matters and I wanted to learn.

I always thought that staying in the closet was the perfect solution to avoid unnecessary judgment and drama. I was (and am) still afraid that if I were to come out, people would be uncomfortable and I’d only be known as the lesbian girl.

However, during the session, some friends shared nice stories about acceptance, open and trusting relationships at work and how people can be surprisingly welcoming if we break the news the right way. It also dawned on me that what determines people’s response and attitude is our own attitude in approaching the subject.

Yes, there may be repercussions in coming out at work, yet it could also be liberating and even allow one to embrace one's full personality and potential. I definitely haven’t cracked the brief; I still don’t know how to do it, but at least I now know where to start. I just have to be extremely comfortable with myself, and the rest will roll on much more easily.

Overall, it was quite a fruitful evening - mind-opening discussion, lovely new friends, nice food - it’s definitely a recommended way of spending a Saturday night.

Lastly, I’d like to thank the facilitators for the dedication in making sure that everything ran smoothly and that everyone was at ease.

See you next time!


by Jamie

Feb 28th was my first time to Women's Nite. It delivered what it promised - an intimate setting for gay and bisexual women to share their lives, experiences and opinions - and I didn't feel like a first-timer at all.

The session, from what I could remember, was about realising our potential and identifying our limitations, be they internal or external, so as to help us succeed as a person. I was encouraged by the participants' sharing and impressed by Su-Chzeng, the invited speaker for that evening, for offering her insights , which edified the women present that evening.

Overall, my first time at Women's Nite was a positive one. I'm grateful for the team behind it :)


by Amy

I found Women's Nite on the internet and decided it would be a great way to meet Singaporean women. From the first contact everyone was welcoming and friendly. The venue was easy to find and I met local women and women who were traveling for work and pleasure. I had a fabulous time, made great connections for next time I'm in town and even - fingers crossed - found someone to take out to dinner in the future. Women's Nite is a perfect, safe, welcoming and fun event for lesbians and queer women. I recommend it to my friends if they are in town.
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