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March 2006 topic: MUSIC AND CARTOONS

Time for a little artistic expression! This Women's Nite, we let our pens
and paintbrushes do the talking.

There are two themes for the night: Things that drive me crazy and Reasons to be cheerful

Are you mad about something? Fed up with homophobia? Or just generally grumpy? Let it out on paper! Feeling happy? In love? Proud about an accomplishment? We'd like to see that too!

Bring a song (either its lyrics, title, or, if you want us to listen to it, a CD) that captures either one of the themes for you.

No artistic talent required, just lots of good humour. For inspiration, you might want to check out Lynda Barry's fantastic book 100 Demons.

A $3 charge is payable per person for the materials that will be provided.


Suzanne Pemberton, the facilitator for this coming Saturday's Women's Nite, offers a sneak peak:


*"I think a lot of people would love to make paintings, and write poems and stories, and sing and dance and do all the things we call "the arts", but I think they have been made afraid by this idea that only professionals should do these things. It is one of the reasons people feel so broken into pieces. They have lost the courage to do the things that bring the feeling of wholeness… Someone once said that human beings are like backwards flowers -- we are born in full bloom and slowly unripen into a hard bud. It doesn't have to be that way." *
*-- Lynda Barry, cartoonist and author*

I had the idea for doing an event like this after reading the "comic art short story book" *One Hundred Demons* by the American cartoonist Lynda Barry. She explored some of her personal demons, pet peeves and joys through the use of drawing and writing. I had noticed before how relaxing and therapeutic I found drawing with my daughter, especially to music, and I thought it might be a fun thing to do for Women's Nite. I am NOT a "good" artist, or art teacher and the focus of the event is NOT on art or drawing talent. Whether you do realistic figures, cartoons, squiggles, collage or abstract blotches of colour doesn't really matter.

On the night, I'm going to show and read some parts of *100 Demons.* Then we'll share our music selections and everyone will have a chance to create something for herself.


"*If you can draw, even a little bit, you can express all kinds of ideas that might otherwise be lost -- delights, frustrations, whatever torments you or pleases you." *
*-- David Hockney*

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