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NOVEMBER 2008 REFLECTIONS: Till Death Do Us Part

by Janice

This is my third time attending the Women's Nite. I came to know about Women's Nite from my friend for quite some time but had been procrastinating before. I admired those people who dared to go there alone. They are so brave.

I am shy and still in the closet. This is one of the reasons why I have been procrastinating about attending Women's Nite. I saw the advert which mentioned, "the venue will be disclosed upon registration". My first reaction was: Why does this group sound so secretive? Why was the venue not published? Why must I give my full name since I am still in the closet? However, I realised that I was not alone. Friends whom I forwarded the advert asked the same question too.

It was only after I attended the first time that I realised that this is a way to protect us as Women's Nite is a safe place for people like us. Now I will try to attend Women's Nite whenever I am free on every last Saturday of the month. It will be my loss if I miss it. Frankly speaking, I learn from every topic discussed.

I like the way that they warm up the group with some ice-breakers, so that we can know each other better before we re-group for discussions.

Thanks to the volunteers who sacrifice their time and effort to organise this for us. Every month they have to crack their brains to come out with an interesting topic. Of course, the attendees are also very important to make Women's Nite successful. It takes two hands to clap.

As I also know that Woman's Nite is moving into its sixth year, I wish Woman's Nite will last forever, like what we wish for our relationships.

Keep it up, Women's Nite!
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