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Lesbian Holiday Treats on 13th December

Dip into our bag o' treats and sample 8 smart short lesbian films, brought to you this holiday season by the Women's Nite team.

Join us for an afternoon full of good entertainment on 13 December. RSVP now!

Date: 13 December 2008, Saturday
Time: 4 pm
Cost per person: $6 (inclusive of a snack)
Venue: Will be disclosed upon registration.

RSVP: This is a Women's Nite by-invitation only private screening. To attend, please send an email to women.snite@gmail.com with your full name and contact number as well as that of your guest(s) if any. Registration closes at midnight 12 December 2008, or earlier if seats are full, so register now! Limited to 60 pax.

This is a women-only event brought to you by Women's Nite.

About the Short Films

1) Half Laughing
A lesbian with a buzz cut returns home for a family funeral and must deal with her homophobic mother. Directed by Michelle Ehlen (12min, USA)

2) Blow
In this clever comedy, a teenage girl finds that coming out just might be the only way to overcome her sneezing fit. Directed by Marie Craven (7 mins, Australia)

3) Frozen Smile
From the co-director of By Hook Or By Crook, comes this delightfully absurd comedy about three generations of women who convene to pay tribute to the family's late patriarch. Directed by Silas Howard (7 mins, USA)

4) Saint Henry
Ashleigh Ann Wood (Bloodknot) stars as a girl named Henry who enlists her gay best pal (Max Von Ville, The Standard) to help search for her father in this moody and gorgeously produced drama. Directed by Abigail Severance (19mins, USA)

5) Transit
In the middle of the night, a woman is riding a subway train heading downtown when she exchanges glances with an alluring stranger. Will it change her life? Directed by Kerry Weldon (4 mins, USA)

6) Tina Paulina: Living On Hope Street
A riveting and inspirational documentary portrait of a lesbian living on the streets of downtown Los Angeles. Directed by Barbara Green and Michelle Boyaner (10mins, USA)

7) Dani & Alice
Lesbian icon Guinevere Turner (Go Fish) co-stars with Yolanda Ross (Stranger Inside) in this taut drama that depicts the final hours of an abusive lesbian relationship. Directed by Roberta Marie Monroe (12 mins, USA/Canada)

8) Everything good
An American woman suffering from doubts about her attractiveness orders up some sex with a broad while abroad in Amsterdam, and discovers the true meaning of beauty. Directed by Elizabeth McCarthy (17mins, USA)
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