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SEPTEMBER 2008 REFLECTIONS: Don't Shy, Just Ask!

by Kim

I hadn't thought of what to expect at the first Women's Nite outing I attended. Group discussions about dyke issues? Oh yeah, ok, that can help broaden my mind. Non-threatening environment for queer women? Sure, I can feel at home there. Healthy debate? No problem, I can handle that. So on that fateful Saturday, my two friends and I drove around to locate what seemed like a rather elusive space for a gathering, to enter a house complete with Thai massage mats, gigantic ethnic lanterns and, of course, a roomful of dykes. The atmosphere was generally friendly, and when the discussion began, it was interesting to hear views about butch/femme visibility, gay identity, places that lesbians hang out and relationships. It was certainly a bit of a rite of passage for me, who only came out to the community only a couple of years ago. Women's Nite allowed me to see that beyond my small circle of gay friends, there is diversity and other aspects about gayhood to be discovered, understood or simply to develop a greater tolerance for.


by Yellow

While the F1 cars were busy roaring their ways around Marina Bay, a group of girls gathered at a small little cozy place, ensconced in another little busy corner of Singapore, for a night of gathering and discussions.

It was my first time attending Women's Nite and gee I had quite a good time. I arrived early and started talking to the few other early birds while waiting for the rest. I did not have trouble warming up to the strangers.

After our potluck dinner, we were asked to write on small pieces of papers whatever burning questions we had inside of us. We were then divided into groups and given some questions to discuss as a group. Thereafter, each group presented its questions and answers, which were then open to the floor for discussion.

To me, it felt like a big amicable debate session with laughter bursting here and there every few moments. I got to make a few new friends and managed to say hi to a few familiar faces.

In conclusion, it was a great night.


by Meg

That Saturday night was pleasant and relaxing for all. It was my first time getting to know a group of our own community in Women's Nite. It was interesting to find out, from its website, about past discussion topics and how the sharing between gals seemed lively and open. I made it apoint not to miss it this time.

Much to my expectation the sharing was informative and I met a few friendly people. We were free to ask any questions and I was amazed that not a single question was missed when each group tried to answer them. Perhaps some questions that have been hidden all this while have finally found their golden answers. =) I think my brain and ears became like a sponge that night, and just absorbed whatever my new friends shared with their open hearts. Thanks to all and the women behind the scenes who have always strived hard for what you believe in, and for making Women's Nite a women's right. I hope my schedule would fit for its October event! Keep it up Women's Nite!
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