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April 2006 topic: WHAT'S YOUR RHYTHM?

Colour. Light. Sound. Feel. This Women's Nite, we bring all together in a dance therapy session conducted by our special guest, Zoe Christian.

Dance therapy is a way of using movement to treat social, emotional and physical problems. As Zoe tells it, it also helps free us from social expectations that stop us from moving naturally. On that day itself, a wide variety of music will be played, which participants will be encouraged to move to using various materials.

Come join us for a potluck dinner and bring out your inner rhythm!

A little bit about Zoe:

Zoe Christian is a dance therapist, actress, and dancer and mother. The native Singaporean is trained in western dance forms like ballet and salsa as well as eastern ones like traditional Chinese. She has personally developed "epiphany dance therapy", the philosophy of which is in order to move we must first learn to be still." Zoe's mentor and main instructor is dance therapy pioneer Maria Fux from Argentina.
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