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AUGUST 2008 REFLECTIONS: When The Words Don't Come Easy

by Shen

Although it was my first time at Women's Nite, I was instantly made comfortable by the warmth of the people who were present. Initially, there was casual talk about who brought what food and how to go about eating a certain type of food, etc. Then after some time of eating and chatting, we started the discussion for the night.

There were around 22 participants in total and the topic for the night was coming out. Through the sharing, I realised that I was not alone in my struggles in life, and that people could identify with and relate to what one another shared about their lives. The group interactions were good because it allowed us to know the thoughts of the people in our group.

I guess what I really liked about the concept of Women's Nite is that it created a very safe envoirnment to discuss common issues lesbians face - each month centered around one topic - thanks to the facilitation of Swee Jean and Hui Yee. It was good to know that the environment is not that of a dating service but really one where people concerned about the same issues in life could meet one another. Through the small group discussions, we inevitably got to know some people better. The sharing which was opened to the floor got everyone engaged in some way or another. It was a very comfortable setting where everyone could get to speak if they had anything to say. I thought putting us in two different groups was a good idea, as it allowed us to get to know at least eight others better through the group interactions.

All in all, I enjoyed myself tremendously. The food, the pre-talk conversations, the mulling over real and practical questions in our small groups, the personal sharing and the open floor sharing, and finally the informal post-talk coffee session at Cafe Domus all made it a wonderful Saturday evening for me.


by WL from Malaysia

Last Saturday (30 August 2008) was the first time I attended the Women's Nite since I moved to Singapore. As a Malaysian lesbian who just moved here not long ago, I find Singapore offers a relatively open environment for PLUs compared to my home country. I enjoyed the lively discussions and interaction with other participants. I learnt more about the issue of coming out to ourselves and to other people from the discussions.

Thank you for organising the event and I look forward to join again in future.
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