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APRIL 2008 REFLECTIONS: Legally Yours

by Elis

The topic of the evening, Legally Yours, was addressed by the guest speaker, Sunita Sonya Parhar, as she shared her experiences as lawyer and the importance of writing a will.

I had no idea of what wills were, how to go about creating them, what to do, who to consult, how much it costs to get a will done, but the speaker was clear and patient in explaining these questions which I feel were on most women's minds. It gave me a reality check on just how vulnerable and fragile life was. The participants aired a series of concerns that were close to their hearts, like adoption and parenthood. It struck me both painfully and inspirationally how we were connected in our aspirations for a 'normal', happy life. The extended question and answer session with Sunita really provided a healthy forum for women to share their heartfelt concerns and experiences.

The topic of the evening was indeed intense for some as it touched on very real issues that every human being should be and would naturally be very concerned about but the great food and company brought good cheer to the rest of the night!


by Val

First of all, I would like to extend my utmost appreciation to the Women's Nite organisers, Swee Jean, Cynthia and friends. Being a lesbian is not the most convenient thing in Singapore. We all needed all the advice and support we could get when it comes to giving our partners and loved ones the best when we're alive... or not. The talk addressed exactly the concerns we have as lesbians in Singapore. It helped me to plan ahead on my future with my partner - what to look out for, what to expect, what are the options. Thanks to Sunita's generosity, we were fortunate enough to obtain some legal advice on the spot for free.

It was my first time attending Women's Nite and I couldn't be more thrilled to meet some friendly and helpful new friends who were warm and receptive to every member's opinions. The idea of having the potluck was brilliant as everyone had the chance to mingle around in the presence of yummy snacks and drinks. The environment was truly heartwarming and I would recommend more people to join this monthly gathering.

Thank you, Women's Nite.


by Shu Lin

Tucked away in the hustle and bustle that is Little India, stands a little walk-up that houses the Women's Nite event held on the last Saturday of every month.

I was one of the first half of the people that got there. That being my first time to Women's Night, it was refreshing to meet women whom I had never met/seen before - essentially, women outside of the usual party crowd and even better than that, a diverse mix of characters.

The night began with the handing out of name tags (something that forgetful people like me definitely appreciate) followed by the makan session where everyone was able to mingle freely and indulge in some tasty grub and conversation.

That was followed by the very educational and entertaining talk given by that night's speaker, Sunita. She certainly helped shed light on the legal issues and concerns to take note of when planning one's will. I do believe that everyone took something away with them that night. The session ended with hearty and warm applause. The group dispersed and some returned to the makan session and for more friendly banter.

My thanks to the organisers and to the speaker for organising the event. I'm definitely glad I attended it.
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