Women's Nite (women_snite) wrote,
Women's Nite


First Meeting

by MeL

Throw away all your doubt, questions and hesitation
Come, walk with me to the circle of women.
She wonders and laughs just like a sister or two...

That pretty girl from school, we knew her. *(sighs)
That hot girl from the bar, yeah we spoke to her. *(shake our heads)
That curvy girl over there, she's our friend too. *(smiles)

You want a listening ear, there's always one.
A hand to hold onto in the dark, there's always another one.
A friend to share your biggest fears, there's definitely room for you.
Right here, come sit by me.

Straight, bisexual, queer or just in pain,
We'd promise to always be here for you too.
Women's Nite.


by Claire

Women's Nite is like no other gathering. It was my second time attending Women's Nite. It's comforting to hear how one's experience resembles another person's. Though the group may be small and we are strangers to one another, I thought it offers a kind of support that is lacking in our community. =)

At the same time, the sessions also offer a "safe" space to air our concerns and views. Kudos to the organisers for the excellent planning and efforts in making each session enjoyable and enriching.
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