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FEBRUARY 2008 REFLECTIONS: Getting to know you...online

By Poppy

Attending Women’s Nite brought home to me the reality of lesbians and lesbian groups in Singapore. I’ve sort of led an amoeba-like existence for the past few years, skulking about silently on the RedQueen mailing list, living like a primary school girl in her primary school world. (Oh dear.) Also, I’ve never quite been able to reconcile the label (lesbian sounds so foreign and harsh, like plebian or martian or something ) and the person. So yes, it was quite an adventure for me to reach out and participate for once, and to come face to face with the uncloseted and the unashamed – maybe not to the world, but at least to themselves.

The idea of a meeting in an art gallery also pleased me greatly; I walked around pretending that I was in an indie film. Flowers of imagination blooming. In any case, sincere kudos to the seasoned organisers of this monthly discussion group affair – halfway through the night I was wondering how come it all worked out so nicely, did it work because it was a lesbian thing, or were there discussion group things all around anyway? But if there were other general discussion groups I can just imagine eager JC students or the like swarming the place or something just so they can put it on their CVs. And I would have just passed it over anyway.

To conclude, I think I’d just like to swoon about the sort-of understated charm of the whole thing. So many different people just gathered together to share a meal and a chat for one night; you might not see each other again, you might pretend that you’ll stay in contact when asking for email addresses, suspecting you won’t, but it’s still okay. =)


by Nicol

Women's Nite is a great place to meet women and make new friends. On Saturday the topic was on "Getting to know you.. online". We explored the pros and cons and identified some points when "virtual" friend become real friend.

It was a lively discussion filled with laughter and fun.

I will encourage women who are new to the circle to attend Women's Nite regularly. It is not just a place to meet people but it serves as a platform towards learning through open discussion.

Go there with an open mind. Great Food and good company! Thanks to Hui Yee, Swee Jean and Sylvia for organising the event.
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