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JANUARY 2008 REFLECTIONS: So... It's A Date?

By Joey

With a mixture of hesitation and excitement, I mustered up the courage to join Women's Nite. Bracing myself for the unexpected, I brought curry puffs on one hand, Coke Light on the other and a lump of cowardice in my throat. What appeared to be a nerve wracking night turned out to be an awesome one! I got there, settled down, exchanged a couple of introductions, Indian rojak for my curry puff and the usual getting-to-know-you questions. That's when things got interesting…

Imagine a room full of women of different nationalities, age brackets, religions and beliefs taking a crack at the riddle of lesbian dating!? Questions were posed and everyone took a shot at solving the mystery. There was a divide of people who'd go right out and ask 'are you dating me?' and those who'd rather not assume that it is, until well…explicit signs confirm it so. But what are those signs? Dimly lit places? What you or she is wearing? Where it's held? Or maybe how it's asked? These were some of the things considered in calling it a date.

There was a consensus though – one-night stands are definitely not dates, that successful dates mean that both parties had a good time and that while straight dating and gay dating have the same elements, the emotional connection between women takes on a different level (oh, the joys of being a lesbian!)

As disconcerting as it may sound, I felt an odd comfort in sharing this wonderment with all these women. It was like I had found long-lost friends and we've all come together for one night to share our experiences from the badass world - some knowing more, some opting to listen more.

It was a great night! I'm sure everyone went home a little less mystified and with a handful of new friends! I'm looking forward to more!


by Priya

Women's Nite provided me with a wonderful opportunity to meet women in a safe and comfortable environment, to make new friends and catch up with old ones. The topic 'Dating' was relevant to all of us and the discussion was both meaningful and fun and I definitely learnt a lot from the other women.

In addition to a lot of laughs and funny stories, one of the themes that kept popping up throughout the evening was self esteem and how important it is to be happy and comfortable with yourself and the relationsip you are in, which is great advice for everyone.

I found it very uplifting to be among such confident and positive women; the catch phrase of the night was definitely 'it's her loss, not mine (tm)' ! It's great to meet queer women from so many different walks of life and hear their perspectives!


By Alethea

It was my first time for attending a PLU event.

Women's Nite is very enlightening; especially since we met so many liked-minded people. The event was very well organised (thanks to Hui Yee and Swee Jean). The place was not too big, comfortable for us to mingle among ourselves, making us feel warm and at home. To certain extent all of us there felt that we have known each other before (LOL….thanks to the big stickers with our names on it).

Women's Nite is certainly a good support group, a great event to get to know more people in the community and have great fun. I am certainly looking forward to the next event in Feb 08!"
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