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November 2007 REFLECTIONS: SEX

by Ovidia

This was my first Women's Nite and the event (and people) turned out a lot less scary than I expected… in fact it felt like walking into a room of old friends whose names I had forgotten—so I really appreciated the name stickers—and the food! While I didn't pick up any new sex tips or techniques I did get to cut up my first latex glove and condom. Getting to hear how different women feel about sex - like whether or not sex 'should' mean love - was the best part. I was impressed by how the facilitators got discussions going while emphasising we were all sharing views and not prescribing "correct" attitudes.

I don't know whether I will put last night's practical lessons to use (possible scenario: "Honey, just hang on while I cut up this glove okay?" "I think you need sharper scissors -" "This is the only pair - just hold the fingers will you? No, not my fingers - the glove fingers, I want to cut them off - " "What kind of weirdo are you!" )

But I know now there are some things I'll definitely have to know about / discuss with any potential bed partners.

For the record, my small group's answers to things you have to know before first time sex with someone:

About Yourself: Clean Underwear
About Her: Not A Serial Killer
About You Both: Mutual Attraction, Mutual Trust, Mutual Expectation


by Elis

Dear Women's Nite Team,

Thank you for a wonderful session with good food and great company.

Although it was my first time at a gathering, it did not take long for everyone to get to know each other through ice-breakers. I appreciate the night's topic - sex. It's an issue that is central to all our lives and Women's Nite was an apt forum as it was a safe and confidential space/place for voicing out doubts and concerns that might otherwise been left back in the closet. More importantly, it gave us all a chance to understand and explore the views of others in the GLBT community, which really helped to create a sense of belonging.

The practical session on safe sex practices after was indeed insightful and surely exciting for those who attended the event, constituting essential sex education for everyone too! Thank you once again to the organisers for the evening and in tactfully dealing with a highly significant topic to many of us. Happy holidays and cheers to a promising 2008!


by Ying

This was my third time attending Women's Nite and I had invited a couple of friends to come along. The turnout was bigger than the last two sessions I had attended. I guess it probably had to do with the topic for this session. People were friendly and the atmosphere was relaxed. Everyone was mingling and enjoying the food before the discussions started.

Everybody seemed thrilled about the topic as the discussions saw a lively exchange of ideas. Everyone candidly discussed their views and shared their thoughts. The practical session on safe sex practices was especially informative. I did not know that latex gloves were so useful! Gay women are such an innovative bunch.

I thoroughly enjoyed myself and I'm glad that my friends did too. Thanks to everyone who made it a great night of fun and laughter.
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