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Tan Hui Yee has been helping to organise Women's Nites since 2004. She has been a volunteer with The Working Committee, a group that promoted civil society activism, as well as The Working Committee 2 (now Transient Workers Count Too) which helped advocate for better conditions for migrant workers in Singapore. She is owned by a cat which thinks it's a dog.

Sylvia Tan has gotten progressively more involved in Women's Nite from being a monthly fixture since 2004 to moving furniture around to brainstorming monthly topics with the team (and still being a monthly fixture). She hopes for attendees to uphold the lesbian tradition of potlucks by bringing home-cooked dishes to the event :)

Joey Kang started out by being a "social volunteer" a.k.a. the person who organised outings after each Women's Nite since 2010. As of 2011, she was a "full-time volunteer" a.k.a. the person who organises outings after every Women's Nite, as well as takes care of logistics before each Women's Nite. A true-blue Virgo, she is proud of her perfectionist streak; she will not tolerate wastage of food and drinks so she WILL make you help to finish all the potluck food before, during AND after discussions! Joey is passionate about LGBT rights and issues and hopes to contribute towards a proper network infrastructure to support the needs of elderly LGBT people.

We are supported by a team of other volunteers as well.
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